Health Care and Insurance Advocacy: 

The Healthcare and Insurance Systems grows more difficult to navigate every year. This trend shows no sign of stopping.  If anything, systems will grow more challenging not less leaving you and your family members unable to decide the right course of action.

At Weiss Law, we work with clients who face:

  • Chronic illness
  • Injury
  • Age-related disability
  • Cognitive or physical infirmity
  • Work-related accidents

The complexity of the health care and insurance industries means you need someone to look after your interests.  Mira Weiss has decades of experience in Healthcare/Hospital Systems and the Insurance Industry.

As your health care and insurance advocate, Ms. Weiss will:

  • Research and recommend options for long-term or short-term care
  • Recommend insurance options
  • Review medical billing
  • Challenge insurance denials or insufficient coverage
  • Advocate for the procedures you need to return to good health
  • Be your champion to ensure you are treated fairly and fully.